Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is It Really Someone Else's Problem????

I'm very proud indeed to be an Ambassador for the UK Charity Act Against Injustice
which exists to fight the horror that is Trafficking and Abuse of Children worldwide
and to bring awareness to everyone of the extent of this multi million dollar business resulting in the disappearance of 2.4 million children each year.

I have only to think of one child in misery somewhere in the world to be inspired to do more - and more - and more - as much as I can do to help promote the charity and maybe help raise funds for their projects.

Earlier this year, I released a song 'Let There Be Light' which I donated to Act Against Injustice and which I'm pleased to say has raised funds which I have specifically designated into the 'Safehouse Fund'. We are aiming to build safehouses in various places around the world, the first one in Nepal where we have helped to rescue several children from slave labor.

Download link for Let There Be Light

In January 2012, there will be a live 'Awareness' Concert in New York, with artists giving their time to perform and we hope this will put more money in the Safehouse Fund. In the Fall of 2012, there will be another concert - on a much larger scale - in Florida with some very well known stars joining us to make this a very high profile event. All very exciting.

Several people in radio in the USA and the UK are kindly helping me to promote the work of AAI by inviting me to be a guest on their shows - and to preview a new song that I'm releasing for the benefit of the charity.

The first such interview was with Diana Broomfield of WDBQ on November 12 - Diana is a great supporter of my music and also my spoken word and I was delighted that she should be the first person to broadcast my song 'Someone Else's Problem' which I was inspired to write simply by thinking of the plight of children around the world.

Reverbnation Store link for download

Children in every country need our care; what could be more important than a child? I am honored to have the opportunity to try and help - my mission is
to be The Voice of The Children - for the missing children cannot speak for themselves.

The song will also be downloadable on the Act Against Injustice website at their
music store link which I gave above.  Only 1$ and you will be helping.

In addition to thanking Diana Broomfield  I'd also like to say a big thankyou
to Mary Laluna at Artsees Diner magazine for this lovely update about my
previous song 'Let There Be Light'. Haych Storm of IMGlobal Independent Musicians Global for help in
promoting this project.

I hope you'll help me to help the children!!

thank you everyone........

There has to be an ongoing PS to this blog - so many people in broadcasting have come forward and supported me and helped with promotion, including Jim Rustemeyer of Mixposure Radio, Brendan Gaffney of All Irish Radio, Bob Birch of Bob Birch Radio , Bert Gagnon of Musictogousa, David Mobley, Cheryl Scott, Wendy Rudin, and so many more..........thank you, thank you, thank you.........

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Number One Three Times all at once................

Recently I celebrated three years of being the Number One blues artist for New Zealand on Reverbnation -
three whole years since I put out my first release on there and went to number one and stayed and stayed
and stayed..........

The track I released - against a huge amount of advice that it was 'too long' a track - was
'Can't Leave You Alone' and that song is the first on my self produced album In The Making
which I finally got on to CD Baby a couple of months ago and has been featured there.

This album took me to Number Four in the USA RootsMusicReport Blues chart amongst some of
the great names of blues and so far as I am aware, as the only non-American in there at the time.
I stayed there for some weeks and then disappeared, but last week returned and the album is
back in there at Number 8.

Coincidentally, the song 'Can't Leave You Alone' is the one chosen on the USA site Song Vault
to be in their blues finals charts and I'm proud to say that it is now in its 5th week at Number One
thanks to people who have voted it there.

And today I discovered that I am now Number One blues vocalist on the Australian site - which for a New Zealander I can assure you is quite an achievement.  I see
that I am also rated at Number 11 on that same site for the general blues category.


All of this comes about through great support from those who find my music connects with them
in some way and that means everything to me.  So many difficulties, huge mountains to climb
and creating, performing and producing my music in my own way all on my own to find that
it is received so so so well, definitely puts a big smile on my face.

I just Google my name and got 22,000,000, mentions - although that actually is nowhere
as large as my interview show Tommie Talks Music - but that's another story!

Thank you to all my friends, fellow musicians and all of you who purchased my music or
are playing it on radio.  And now - the next album is waiting for me...............


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Yellow Brick Road travels on............

I told you all about my journey over the last three years in my last blog dated August 27, when I was looking towards the third anniversary of being Number One Blues Artist for New Zealand on Reverbnation.   Well, the date has now passed this week with Reverbnation and several radio stations doing me the honor of featuring me because of this little achievement.   I thank them all for the support.

Musicians ask me how I've managed to achieve this little milestone: there isn't an easy answer.  I was fortunate to go straight in at number one with my first release 3 years ago and it's probably thanks to the steady stream of singles that I've issued since then being played a lot that I'm still there at the top.  The 'system' that Reverbnation use for chart position is a little complex and I for one stopped thinking about it a long time ago.  I simply put my music out there and hope that my supporters will like it and play it and maybe even buy it!

I have no 'street teamers' that I organise - although I have very faithful friends who back me up often without my knowing it by playing my music and telling others about me.  This is invaluable and I'm grateful for all that support.  Apart from anything else, it is the best feeling in the world to know that people like the music that comes from your heart and soul.

The other great asset is radio airplay and I am so very fortunate in having huge backing from many, many radio hosts who I regard as friends; people in broadcasting in many countries in the world, playing music of many genres who choose to include me.  There are just too many to mention and I'm bound to forget someone if I even try but thank you to all of you from the USA to the UK to Turkey to Ireland to Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Greece, South Africa, France, Bulgaria, Canada, the lists goes on and on.  How universal music truly is!

Tommie Brewster from the backwoods of New Zealand, very much doing things my own way, now warrants almost 12,000,000 mentions on Google !!!

Getting to this point was marked also by actually getting my self produced first album 'In The Making' on the shelves at CD Baby where it received what I think are called 'rave' reviews.  Certainly I'm very grateful to the people in radio who took the time to go there and write such kind words about the album and I'm pleased to say that it's doing very well indeed there!

I also released an album of my spoken word tracks, largely because I had been asked so many, many times and this also is on CD Baby under the title 'Only Words'.  I have another spoken word album ready to go in the next month or so. next 'blues' album will also be out shortly.  I have so many unreleased tracks that even making the decision as to which ones go on there is very difficult, but at last it's done.  As the first album is doing so well, I delayed issuing this second one and of course with 'that' time of year, i.e. Christmas, now looming on the horizon, I have also to concentrate on my seasonal songs which will be released after Thanksgiving.

I write music every day of my life in some form; it simply never stops and I can easily have three or more songs in my head, on notepads, on little bits of paper, or half finished all at the same time, so this is a life's work.  Except it's not work, it's life.  I love every single minute, even when it's exhausting and demanding.

Apart from that, my 'rock opera' ( for want of a better term, as it's actually based on a vintage film) is getting closer to reality.  I completed it some time ago, but such a project needs serious financial backing and that is what is in the pipeline now.  Very exciting to see another dream drawing closer.

And finally, my radio interview shows Tommie Talks Music goes from strength to strength, and has a life all its own!!  I have a list of guests which stretches into 2012 and each one of them an exciting prospect, spending time finding out about what drives people onwards.  What started as an idea now produces Google 'mentions' of almost 32,000,000 which is truly utterly amazing.  And all I do is talk to people!!

So...........thank you everyone who suppports me, takes an interest in my words and music and maybe realises that I work very, very hard to make whatever I do as good as I can make it.  And if you purchased my CDs an even bigger thank you!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Rainbow Wheel of Radio

I'm a musician.  It's what I do.  I say it many times that it is my life. 

But I also have the pleasure to spend some of my time interviewing people who inspire me -
either with their passions and causes in life, or with their music.  Often it's both.

This started out under the name of Tommie Talks Music over a year ago, at the invitation
of Womens Radio and it has steadily grown until now my shows are aired on Thirteen
different radio channels, soon to be fourteen!!

It has in fact taken on a life of its own and it represents two things:
one is my chance to talk life and music with people; to get to the inside of them and
get their views on so many things -
the other is my chance to promote the causes, passions and music of others.

The guestlist is eclectic; from stars such as Nils Lofgren, Elkie Brooks and Henry Gross
to people fighting to bring about major change in their country such as Charlie Smith and
her son Trevor with the Trevor's Trek Foundation, to Christo & Isobel Coetzee in
South Africa, working tirelessly for children abandoned on the streets, and in between
many of the supremely gifted blues musicians I know such as Sista Monica Parker,
Jimmy Lloyd Rea, Teeny Tucker, Michael Charles, Toni Spearman and on and on.......
not forgetting the wonderful work done by Act Against Injustice of which I am
proud to be a Goodwill Ambassador.

People tell me that I have an 'easy' way of talking to people.  Certainly there is never a
script, but I do my homework extensively and like to get to know my guest before
anything is recorded.  I have a lot of fun and sometimes I shed tears too depending
on the subject.  The shows are demanding in their own way, but so rewarding and
always there is music, music, music and the opportunity to let people around the
world hear what my guest has to say.

It could be that the listener never heard of the guest - I don't think that is important.
I think everyone has a story to tell if you can encourage them to do so.

So Tommie Talks Music moves on and rewards me with a wealth of good friends and
good is the schedule as of today:

Womens Radio - Friday 12 noon Pacific time USA - and on demand from the archive

World fm         -  Friday 4pm New Zealand = 11pm Central USA/5am Saturday UK

Artist Online Promotions /
Friday Night Progresssive Radio
                      -   Friday 8pm Eastern USA  = 1am Saturday UK

Splash Radio    -  Saturday 7pm UK1pm Central USA

Musictogousa   -  Saturday 4pm Eastern USA = 9pm UK      -  Saturday 4pm Eastern USA = 9pm UK

Krystal fm        -  Sunday 11am Central USA = 4pm UK

Parkway Radio - Sunday 5pm Mountain USAMidnight UK

Venture Radio  -  Mon thru Weds 11am UK = 5am Central USA

Zeus Radio Network/
Here Women Talk 
                       -   Mon thru Friday 12-1pm Eastern USA = 5-6pm UK

Bob Birch Radio  - On demand from my page at the site.

You can also find all these links on the Radio page of my own Music website at Tommie Brewster .com

Hope you find time to tune in occasionally, sit back, relax for an hour or so and listen!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The dream that created itself!!

My dream was to create my own music in my own way and to 'be heard', simple as that; I had no thoughts of being a radio broadcaster in my own right when I set off down my yellow brick road.

Somewhere in the hidden reaches of my mind however was the bones of an idea about presenting music and musicians in a slightly different way.

This little idea began to take on a life of its own when Brian Ball of Womens Radio suggested to me that I might like to consider doing a radio show of my own, in my own way, with subject matter entirely of my choice.  Immediately, the
idea appealed: my focus and original plan was
to talk to people from around the world who are driven by passions in their lives, often attached to overcoming huge difficulties and often tied into helping others in some way.  I wanted to get to the
'real' person behind the name and talk about their lives and also of course music!  It follows that many of my guests have been musicians, for who is more driven than a creative musician, but many of them also  have causes and passions outside of their music.

And so , Tommie Talks Music was born and I became a Contributing Editor on the very professional Womens Radio site, where in addition to putting out my interviews, I also write
a journalistic piece to back up the broadcast.  There was a lot to learn in using the specific
software used to record these interviews, but I have loved every minute of it so far.  Maybe
being half Italian and half Irish makes me a natural talker!!!

It's over a year now since all that happened and my audiences for the interviews have grown beyond anything I could have imagined.  This particular dream did create itself and is still doing
so day by day.

From those early days on Womens Radio, my shows on Tommie Talks Music are now broadcast on 11 different radio networks across the USA, the UK and of course New Zealand.  The guests so far have been diverse, although quite a few blues musicians and more to come - but also people working hard for the benefit of others, from South Africa to the UK to the USA.

I created a website for Tommie Talks Music  here and all the original interviews are archived on my Womens Radio Editorial page here .  The times and networks are below:

Womens Radio - shows go live each Friday 9am PST

World fm New Zealand - shows go live each Friday 4pm  NZST = Thursday 11pm Central 

Artist OnLine Promotions Radio - shows are live each Friday 8pm EST

Musictogousa - my show there is live each Saturday at 4pm EST - this is syndicated along with Musictogousa - reaching 50,000 USA radio stations

Parkway Radio - the show is broadcast Sundays MST at  5pm

Krystalfm - broadcast Mondays at 7pm BOT ( no internet link)

Bobbirchradio - my shows are hosted by Bob on his website updated each Sunday

VentureRadioUK - the interviews are aired Mon - Weds at 11am BST  each week

The Zeus Radio Network  broadcasts my shows on  

going out each weekday at 12- 1pm EST.

The shows on Here Women Talk are a little different in that I expand the interviews and
usually add more music which my guests kindly allow me to include; the full write up of
each interview is only on the Womens Radio link above.

I'm a musician first and foremost - music is my life, but the interviews are absorbing, often moving, often very entertaining for me and I hope that you will find time to listen to one of my shows at some point in your week.

Tommie Talks Music is a dream that kind of created itself - but it's now part of me; it's something else which I've done my own way in my own style and I'd like to thank all the people who have been kind enough to be guests of mine so far - you were/are all wonderful!!

More is yet to come!!!

And just to remind myself and others of the Tommie behind the interviews here's my song and video Earthcry which has made me so many friends around the world.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tommie Brewster's Yellow Brick Road

More milestones on the Yellow Brick Road of my life………….

It is now almost 3 years since I released my first single Can’t Leave You Alone’
out into the world and 3 years since it took me to the top ten of the huge Global
Blues chart on Reverbnation and subsequently to Number One for New Zealand
where I have been ever since!

The single was take from my self produced first album ‘In The Making’ and since
then I have released several other tracks from there and of course they have all been
available on iTunes, Amazon and Reverbnation. 

However, I never actually got around to having the physical CD for sale anywhere, except
direct from me until now!!  At last, I finally took that step and the response has been
quite amazing from pre-orders to the wonderful, in fact, glowing, reviews I have there
from radio hosts/broacasters.

You can see all this for yourself at

Of course, a lot of this was spurred by the album appearing in the RootsMusicReport
Blues Chart at Number Four.  A huge achievement for me, considering the stature of
the other artists in there and I believe that I am the only non- USA musician to figure
in that chart.  I am quite proud of this, coming all the way from the relative backwoods
of New Zealand and doing it all ‘my way’ with my own blues sound.

Lots of live interviews of myself by broadcasters: asking sometimes probing
questions and getting me to talk about how my music and my songs come into
You can hear some of this for yourself on the interview page of my own website:

And some wonderful features – just recently this month long feature which
Regina Swarn has put out on her Media & Entertainment site……….thank you!

And the adventure continues and expands and takes me places I didn’t even
know I was going three years ago!

I also developed my ‘spoken word’ works and finally released a mini album of six
of these pieces which has proved hugely successful.  Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network
Worldwide was the one who encouraged me to give this are more attention and she
was so right!!  You can find this for yourself at

It is also more than a year now since Brian Ball of Womens Radio suggested to me
that I would maybe be a success as a radio host and gave me freedom to design my show
the way I wanted it.  Tommie Talks Music was born where I interview people from all
walks of life from all around the world about the things that drive them, their passions!
Yes, these are often musicians, but not always and I so enjoy having these conversations.

You can see and hear the archives for yourself at

And of course, I have other radio shows springing from that now as well – on Musictogousa
on Venture Radio Uk, on Parkway Radio, on BobBirchRadio (UK), on Worldfm (NZ) and
a weekly show on Zeus Radio Network.

The latter is via the wonderful radio channel Here Women Talk and this week marks the six month
point since my first broadcast with them in January this year.  I enjoy this immensely!!

And not forgetting the Charity that I am attached to in the form of Act Against Injustice a UK
non profit working tirelessly to raise awareness about Child Trafficking worldwide.  I’m proud
to be an Ambassador there and proud that some of my music is helping to raise funds for a new
Safehouse Project that I am deeply committed to, with a plan to raise enough capital to establish
much needed safe places for children to go to in Nepal, in South America and in South Africa.
Nothing is more important than children in this life.

You can read my latest news on this for yourself and maybe join our Facebook Group at

At this point now, I’m planning my next release which will be a double album; I have almost 140
songs that I have not released as yet, so hard decisions were necessary here, but I’ve now chosen
them and selected the title track and a video is now in production.  I hope to launch all this in late
Fall and can only wish that the new album is received even half so well as my first one.

I tell people that music is my life and it really is true – but what a wonderful time I have!!

Big thankyous to Haych Storm, Jaijai Jackson, Brian Ball, Bert Gagnon, Bob Birch, Virgil Carr,
Wendy Rudin, Brendan Gaffney, David Mobley,Chris Duval, Kay van Heusen, David Slater,
and so many other great people who support me, play my music and are my friends.

with love