Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tommie Brewster's Yellow Brick Road

More milestones on the Yellow Brick Road of my life………….

It is now almost 3 years since I released my first single Can’t Leave You Alone’
out into the world and 3 years since it took me to the top ten of the huge Global
Blues chart on Reverbnation and subsequently to Number One for New Zealand
where I have been ever since!

The single was take from my self produced first album ‘In The Making’ and since
then I have released several other tracks from there and of course they have all been
available on iTunes, Amazon and Reverbnation. 

However, I never actually got around to having the physical CD for sale anywhere, except
direct from me until now!!  At last, I finally took that step and the response has been
quite amazing from pre-orders to the wonderful, in fact, glowing, reviews I have there
from radio hosts/broacasters.

You can see all this for yourself at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tommiebrewster

Of course, a lot of this was spurred by the album appearing in the RootsMusicReport
Blues Chart at Number Four.  A huge achievement for me, considering the stature of
the other artists in there and I believe that I am the only non- USA musician to figure
in that chart.  I am quite proud of this, coming all the way from the relative backwoods
of New Zealand and doing it all ‘my way’ with my own blues sound.

Lots of live interviews of myself by broadcasters: asking sometimes probing
questions and getting me to talk about how my music and my songs come into
You can hear some of this for yourself on the interview page of my own website:

And some wonderful features – just recently this month long feature which
Regina Swarn has put out on her Media & Entertainment site……….thank you!

And the adventure continues and expands and takes me places I didn’t even
know I was going three years ago!

I also developed my ‘spoken word’ works and finally released a mini album of six
of these pieces which has proved hugely successful.  Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network
Worldwide was the one who encouraged me to give this are more attention and she
was so right!!  You can find this for yourself at

It is also more than a year now since Brian Ball of Womens Radio suggested to me
that I would maybe be a success as a radio host and gave me freedom to design my show
the way I wanted it.  Tommie Talks Music was born where I interview people from all
walks of life from all around the world about the things that drive them, their passions!
Yes, these are often musicians, but not always and I so enjoy having these conversations.

You can see and hear the archives for yourself at

And of course, I have other radio shows springing from that now as well – on Musictogousa
on Venture Radio Uk, on Parkway Radio, on BobBirchRadio (UK), on Worldfm (NZ) and
a weekly show on Zeus Radio Network.

The latter is via the wonderful radio channel Here Women Talk and this week marks the six month
point since my first broadcast with them in January this year.  I enjoy this immensely!!

And not forgetting the Charity that I am attached to in the form of Act Against Injustice a UK
non profit working tirelessly to raise awareness about Child Trafficking worldwide.  I’m proud
to be an Ambassador there and proud that some of my music is helping to raise funds for a new
Safehouse Project that I am deeply committed to, with a plan to raise enough capital to establish
much needed safe places for children to go to in Nepal, in South America and in South Africa.
Nothing is more important than children in this life.

You can read my latest news on this for yourself and maybe join our Facebook Group at

At this point now, I’m planning my next release which will be a double album; I have almost 140
songs that I have not released as yet, so hard decisions were necessary here, but I’ve now chosen
them and selected the title track and a video is now in production.  I hope to launch all this in late
Fall and can only wish that the new album is received even half so well as my first one.

I tell people that music is my life and it really is true – but what a wonderful time I have!!

Big thankyous to Haych Storm, Jaijai Jackson, Brian Ball, Bert Gagnon, Bob Birch, Virgil Carr,
Wendy Rudin, Brendan Gaffney, David Mobley,Chris Duval, Kay van Heusen, David Slater,
and so many other great people who support me, play my music and are my friends.

with love


  1. Glad to be following along on your magical journey Tommie, and a pleasure it is. Your energy is boundless, and an inspiration. AND you continue to do it your way, and show ALL what is possible with hard work and above all PASSION!
    Good on ya! xox

  2. Oh thank you David.........!!!

    I'm just pleased that you're out there waving to me
    occasionally and you know how much I appreciate
    your constant support...........thank you xxxx

  3. Yea What David Said :D XOX Love you Tommie!!!