Thursday, July 21, 2011

The dream that created itself!!

My dream was to create my own music in my own way and to 'be heard', simple as that; I had no thoughts of being a radio broadcaster in my own right when I set off down my yellow brick road.

Somewhere in the hidden reaches of my mind however was the bones of an idea about presenting music and musicians in a slightly different way.

This little idea began to take on a life of its own when Brian Ball of Womens Radio suggested to me that I might like to consider doing a radio show of my own, in my own way, with subject matter entirely of my choice.  Immediately, the
idea appealed: my focus and original plan was
to talk to people from around the world who are driven by passions in their lives, often attached to overcoming huge difficulties and often tied into helping others in some way.  I wanted to get to the
'real' person behind the name and talk about their lives and also of course music!  It follows that many of my guests have been musicians, for who is more driven than a creative musician, but many of them also  have causes and passions outside of their music.

And so , Tommie Talks Music was born and I became a Contributing Editor on the very professional Womens Radio site, where in addition to putting out my interviews, I also write
a journalistic piece to back up the broadcast.  There was a lot to learn in using the specific
software used to record these interviews, but I have loved every minute of it so far.  Maybe
being half Italian and half Irish makes me a natural talker!!!

It's over a year now since all that happened and my audiences for the interviews have grown beyond anything I could have imagined.  This particular dream did create itself and is still doing
so day by day.

From those early days on Womens Radio, my shows on Tommie Talks Music are now broadcast on 11 different radio networks across the USA, the UK and of course New Zealand.  The guests so far have been diverse, although quite a few blues musicians and more to come - but also people working hard for the benefit of others, from South Africa to the UK to the USA.

I created a website for Tommie Talks Music  here and all the original interviews are archived on my Womens Radio Editorial page here .  The times and networks are below:

Womens Radio - shows go live each Friday 9am PST

World fm New Zealand - shows go live each Friday 4pm  NZST = Thursday 11pm Central 

Artist OnLine Promotions Radio - shows are live each Friday 8pm EST

Musictogousa - my show there is live each Saturday at 4pm EST - this is syndicated along with Musictogousa - reaching 50,000 USA radio stations

Parkway Radio - the show is broadcast Sundays MST at  5pm

Krystalfm - broadcast Mondays at 7pm BOT ( no internet link)

Bobbirchradio - my shows are hosted by Bob on his website updated each Sunday

VentureRadioUK - the interviews are aired Mon - Weds at 11am BST  each week

The Zeus Radio Network  broadcasts my shows on  

going out each weekday at 12- 1pm EST.

The shows on Here Women Talk are a little different in that I expand the interviews and
usually add more music which my guests kindly allow me to include; the full write up of
each interview is only on the Womens Radio link above.

I'm a musician first and foremost - music is my life, but the interviews are absorbing, often moving, often very entertaining for me and I hope that you will find time to listen to one of my shows at some point in your week.

Tommie Talks Music is a dream that kind of created itself - but it's now part of me; it's something else which I've done my own way in my own style and I'd like to thank all the people who have been kind enough to be guests of mine so far - you were/are all wonderful!!

More is yet to come!!!

And just to remind myself and others of the Tommie behind the interviews here's my song and video Earthcry which has made me so many friends around the world.