Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Rainbow Wheel of Radio

I'm a musician.  It's what I do.  I say it many times that it is my life. 

But I also have the pleasure to spend some of my time interviewing people who inspire me -
either with their passions and causes in life, or with their music.  Often it's both.

This started out under the name of Tommie Talks Music over a year ago, at the invitation
of Womens Radio and it has steadily grown until now my shows are aired on Thirteen
different radio channels, soon to be fourteen!!

It has in fact taken on a life of its own and it represents two things:
one is my chance to talk life and music with people; to get to the inside of them and
get their views on so many things -
the other is my chance to promote the causes, passions and music of others.

The guestlist is eclectic; from stars such as Nils Lofgren, Elkie Brooks and Henry Gross
to people fighting to bring about major change in their country such as Charlie Smith and
her son Trevor with the Trevor's Trek Foundation, to Christo & Isobel Coetzee in
South Africa, working tirelessly for children abandoned on the streets, and in between
many of the supremely gifted blues musicians I know such as Sista Monica Parker,
Jimmy Lloyd Rea, Teeny Tucker, Michael Charles, Toni Spearman and on and on.......
not forgetting the wonderful work done by Act Against Injustice of which I am
proud to be a Goodwill Ambassador.

People tell me that I have an 'easy' way of talking to people.  Certainly there is never a
script, but I do my homework extensively and like to get to know my guest before
anything is recorded.  I have a lot of fun and sometimes I shed tears too depending
on the subject.  The shows are demanding in their own way, but so rewarding and
always there is music, music, music and the opportunity to let people around the
world hear what my guest has to say.

It could be that the listener never heard of the guest - I don't think that is important.
I think everyone has a story to tell if you can encourage them to do so.

So Tommie Talks Music moves on and rewards me with a wealth of good friends and
good is the schedule as of today:

Womens Radio - Friday 12 noon Pacific time USA - and on demand from the archive

World fm         -  Friday 4pm New Zealand = 11pm Central USA/5am Saturday UK

Artist Online Promotions /
Friday Night Progresssive Radio
                      -   Friday 8pm Eastern USA  = 1am Saturday UK

Splash Radio    -  Saturday 7pm UK1pm Central USA

Musictogousa   -  Saturday 4pm Eastern USA = 9pm UK      -  Saturday 4pm Eastern USA = 9pm UK

Krystal fm        -  Sunday 11am Central USA = 4pm UK

Parkway Radio - Sunday 5pm Mountain USAMidnight UK

Venture Radio  -  Mon thru Weds 11am UK = 5am Central USA

Zeus Radio Network/
Here Women Talk 
                       -   Mon thru Friday 12-1pm Eastern USA = 5-6pm UK

Bob Birch Radio  - On demand from my page at the site.

You can also find all these links on the Radio page of my own Music website at Tommie Brewster .com

Hope you find time to tune in occasionally, sit back, relax for an hour or so and listen!!

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