Sunday, October 30, 2011

Number One Three Times all at once................

Recently I celebrated three years of being the Number One blues artist for New Zealand on Reverbnation -
three whole years since I put out my first release on there and went to number one and stayed and stayed
and stayed..........

The track I released - against a huge amount of advice that it was 'too long' a track - was
'Can't Leave You Alone' and that song is the first on my self produced album In The Making
which I finally got on to CD Baby a couple of months ago and has been featured there.

This album took me to Number Four in the USA RootsMusicReport Blues chart amongst some of
the great names of blues and so far as I am aware, as the only non-American in there at the time.
I stayed there for some weeks and then disappeared, but last week returned and the album is
back in there at Number 8.

Coincidentally, the song 'Can't Leave You Alone' is the one chosen on the USA site Song Vault
to be in their blues finals charts and I'm proud to say that it is now in its 5th week at Number One
thanks to people who have voted it there.

And today I discovered that I am now Number One blues vocalist on the Australian site - which for a New Zealander I can assure you is quite an achievement.  I see
that I am also rated at Number 11 on that same site for the general blues category.


All of this comes about through great support from those who find my music connects with them
in some way and that means everything to me.  So many difficulties, huge mountains to climb
and creating, performing and producing my music in my own way all on my own to find that
it is received so so so well, definitely puts a big smile on my face.

I just Google my name and got 22,000,000, mentions - although that actually is nowhere
as large as my interview show Tommie Talks Music - but that's another story!

Thank you to all my friends, fellow musicians and all of you who purchased my music or
are playing it on radio.  And now - the next album is waiting for me...............


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