Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is It Really Someone Else's Problem????

I'm very proud indeed to be an Ambassador for the UK Charity Act Against Injustice
which exists to fight the horror that is Trafficking and Abuse of Children worldwide
and to bring awareness to everyone of the extent of this multi million dollar business resulting in the disappearance of 2.4 million children each year.

I have only to think of one child in misery somewhere in the world to be inspired to do more - and more - and more - as much as I can do to help promote the charity and maybe help raise funds for their projects.

Earlier this year, I released a song 'Let There Be Light' which I donated to Act Against Injustice and which I'm pleased to say has raised funds which I have specifically designated into the 'Safehouse Fund'. We are aiming to build safehouses in various places around the world, the first one in Nepal where we have helped to rescue several children from slave labor.

Download link for Let There Be Light

In January 2012, there will be a live 'Awareness' Concert in New York, with artists giving their time to perform and we hope this will put more money in the Safehouse Fund. In the Fall of 2012, there will be another concert - on a much larger scale - in Florida with some very well known stars joining us to make this a very high profile event. All very exciting.

Several people in radio in the USA and the UK are kindly helping me to promote the work of AAI by inviting me to be a guest on their shows - and to preview a new song that I'm releasing for the benefit of the charity.

The first such interview was with Diana Broomfield of WDBQ on November 12 - Diana is a great supporter of my music and also my spoken word and I was delighted that she should be the first person to broadcast my song 'Someone Else's Problem' which I was inspired to write simply by thinking of the plight of children around the world.

Reverbnation Store link for download

Children in every country need our care; what could be more important than a child? I am honored to have the opportunity to try and help - my mission is
to be The Voice of The Children - for the missing children cannot speak for themselves.

The song will also be downloadable on the Act Against Injustice website at their
music store link which I gave above.  Only 1$ and you will be helping.

In addition to thanking Diana Broomfield  I'd also like to say a big thankyou
to Mary Laluna at Artsees Diner magazine for this lovely update about my
previous song 'Let There Be Light'. Haych Storm of IMGlobal Independent Musicians Global for help in
promoting this project.

I hope you'll help me to help the children!!

thank you everyone........

There has to be an ongoing PS to this blog - so many people in broadcasting have come forward and supported me and helped with promotion, including Jim Rustemeyer of Mixposure Radio, Brendan Gaffney of All Irish Radio, Bob Birch of Bob Birch Radio , Bert Gagnon of Musictogousa, David Mobley, Cheryl Scott, Wendy Rudin, and so many more..........thank you, thank you, thank you.........

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