Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Yellow Brick Road moves on again........

TOMMIE TALKS MUSIC moves up a gear!!!

Once upon a time in a place faraway, I had an idea to do an interview show on radio where I could talk to people from all over the world about the passions in their lives, the things that drive them, the causes they work tirelessly for and the story behind the name and the face.
This was to be about people, not just musicians, but music is a big part of it - the music that people choose to be in the shows says a lot about them and their journeys so far. It's not necessarily about musicians, nor about promoting the latest CD, it's about much more than that, at least I hope so.
And so Tommie Talks Music was born and has never stopped moving forward. I love to talk with people and everyone has a story; everyone has something to share.
I'm a musician as you will all know maybe - and proud to be #1 blues NZ on Reverbnation for over 3 years now, proud to have been invited to be an Ambassador for the USA Blues Hall of Fame, proud to have got my self produced first album In The Making to #4 in the USA Blues/Roots chart late last year amongst some of the greats of blues and just recently to have had yet another of my song promoted to the permanent directory playlist on Song Vault.
Tommie Talks Music is of course quite separate from all that, and yet it is still part of my musical kaleidoscope, my yellow brick road that I travel down every day, listening to the music that drives me on from inside myself.
The show is now syndicated on 17 different networks in the USA, UK and NZ and I thank all those radio stations for their mega support. I also thank all my past guests - now all friends who keep in touch - and to all who take the time to listen and tell me how much they enjoy the 'chat'!!

Just before Christmas I was stunned to see that Google gave Tommie Talks Music 131,000,000 mentions and it was obvious to me that this now has a life of its own and deserved its own website - so I made one ! Click here to visit!!
And now I have also a Reverbnation page - here !! - which in only just over a week has gone to #1 on the 'dj' chart for Auckland where I live. I'm not a dj however in the true sense, the stars of my show are my guests telling their stories.
I have a group on here dedicated to Tommie Talks Music so please come and join me there - or join me on the Reverbnation page. Or just tune in sometime and listen - be pleased to have your company!
Tommie Brewster

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